High School Baseball Showcases



Profile (Only):

PROB: $25 Base Profile w Pic only
PROP: $50 Prior + 1 Ref Letter
PROC: $75 Prior + Addl Ref Letter

Video (Only):

VIDB: $25 Basic YouTube (Straight Upload)
VIDP: $125 Partial (Stills, Unedited Video)
VIDC: $250 Full Custom (Games/Edits)

Eval (Only):

EVAL: $75 MLB20-80 EVAL


PVLT: $50 PV Light (Basic PV no edit)
PVMD: $175 PV Mid (Full P/Lim V)
PVMX: $300 PV Max (Full P/Max V)

PVEW Works:  $350 (PVMX+ EVAL)

Push to Colleges:  PVEW Works +

PC03: $500 Basic - Top 3 Colleges
PC15: $625 Mid -  4 to 15 Colleges
PC30: $750 Max - 130 plus Colleges in 6 States (Approval required)

CLICK TO VIEW ==> GO 4 THE SHOW  Sample <== CLICK TO VIEW (G4TS 60 Prospects HS => College to date)

CLICK TO VIEW ==> EVALUATION Sample <== CLICK TO VIEW (COLLEGEs love Quantitative 5 Tool Measurement)

CLICK TO VIEW ==> VIDEO Sample <== CLICK TO VIEW (COLLEGE scholarship chances increase exponentially)


NOTE: Evaluation & Video samples above. Videos will be much better than this sample incorporating all lessons learned what colleges want (2 Mins Max, Prospect Interview, 5 Tools, Radar, Stopwatch 60 & Pop Times, Arm Velocity, Multiple Camera Angles, Animated Graphics, Emphasis Text, Summary Screen). Sample Video is just intended to give you an idea of the customization and animated graphics. Basic Video incorporates Eval Day (Before Saturday, February 24, 2018 / After Saturday, August 11, 2018 location in Tulsa, OK to be provided later) footage only with interview and baseball player card type info. Custom College Video includes select Eval day Pro Scout workout footage if participated in plus live game footage and highlights. The intent of the Custom College Video product is to be the "BEST OF THE BEST" video content ready to send to colleges and catch their attention demonstrating 5 Tool talent as best possible incorporating professional high tech animated graphics, transitions, music, emphasized text, summary trailers, etc. The Custom College Video will require coordination to setup at least 1 day's worth of Pro Scout Workout video shooting, likely more to add good live game footage unless you already have high resolution quality live game footage we can use to merge content. All Custom video will be completed with a provided YouTube link sent to your cell phone within 30 days (exceptions may be required to extend longer if purchased near timing of 1 of our group events) of last footage taken and after full payment is made online. All Before & After Evals & Basic Video plus Combo packages will be provided within 45 days of the day that Pro Scout Workout footage is taken. The reason Before/After Eval & Basic Videos take longer is due to the larger volume of customer product acquired from these events.